The Lion and the Mouse

A lion was taking a nap when a mouse scampered up his back and down his leg. The king of the jungle awoke, pinned the mouse with his huge paw and started licking his chops.

“Don’t eat me,” squeaked the mouse, “Spare my life and there may come a time that I can do you a favor in return.”

The lion laughed at the idea that a creature so small and weak could do anything for someone as big and strong as himself. But he admired her courage and let her go.

Some months later, the lion found himself trapped in a strong net. He roared and struggled and was about to give up hope when he noticed the little mouse gnawing at the ropes that held him, and she didn’t stop until he was free.

The lion was very grateful, but the mouse said, “No need for thanks. I am only repaying the favor you did for me.”

One good turn deserves another.

11 1/2” diameter

The Lion and the Mouse