The Man with Two Wives

In a far-away kingdom a long time ago, men were allowed to marry two women at the same time. One fellow could not find even one lady he wished to wed until, in his middle years, he fell in love with two and married them both.

One wife was ten years younger and wanted him to look as youthful as she, but the other was ten years older and anxious that her husband not make her appear like an old lady. So, on evenings the young wife combed her husband’s hair, she pulled out all the gray strands. But when it was the older wife’s turn, she plucked the black hairs.

And because the man wanted both wives to be happy, he made no complaint until one morning he looked in the mirror and realized that he was completely bald.

If you give way to everyone, eventually you will have nothing of your own.

11 1/2” diameter

The Man with Two Wives