The Miser

Everyone knew that the richest man in town hated spending his own money. He gave nothing to beggars on the street and lived on bread and water, wearing his clothes until they were rags.

One day, the miser realized that his warehouses might burn down, and that his wheat fields could be destroyed by hail. So he sold all his possessions and bought ingots of gold, which he hid in a deep hole out in the country.

When a poor farmer noticed a stranger passing his field every day, he followed and watched as the miser counted out his riches and hid them away. That very night, the farmer returned and stole everything.

When the miser discovered that he’d been robbed, he ran to the town square and wailed about his loss. A neighbor said, “Why do you complain? When you were rich, you took no joy in your money, nor did you do any good with it. Rocks or ingots, it won’t make a bit of difference to you.”

Even great wealth is worthless if it has no purpose.


11 1/2” diameter

The Miser