The Mouse and the Weasel

It had been a long, hungry winter for the mouse, so he was overjoyed to come across a basket filled with grain.

Quick as a wink, he squeezed inside and began to eat. He ate and he ate and when at last he could not eat another bite he decided it was time to go home.

The mouse returned to the hole where he’d entered. He stuck his head and paws through but try as he might, the rest of him would not follow; his belly had grown too big and round. He tried to pull himself out and he tried to push himself back, but he was stuck. “Whatever will I do?” groaned the mouse.

A weasel appeared and sized up the situation. “That’s what you get for stuffing yourself,” he said, “You’ll just have to stay where you are until you’re as hungry as you were when you squeezed inside.”

All things in moderation.

11 1/2” diameter

The Mouse and the Weasel