The Pig and the Sheep

A pig found his way into a meadow where a flock of sheep was grazing. When the shepherd saw the porker mixed up with his sheep, he thought to himself, “I’ll have bacon for breakfast.”


The shepherd caught the pig and started off for the butcher. The poor animal, who knew what lay ahead for him, started squealing and squalling at the top of his lungs.


A nearby sheep watched the pig’s struggle and said, “Why are you making all that noise? It’s so undignified. That shepherd often carries us off and we make no fuss at all.”


“Of course you don’t,” replied the pig. “The man wants you for your wool, which will grow back. If he was hauling you away for his dinner you’d sing a different tune.”


It’s easy to be brave when you’re not in danger.

The Pig and the Sheep