The Tortoise and the Hare

The hare was bragging about how fast he could run. “I have never been beaten,” he said. “There’s no one in the world that can defeat me in a race.”

The tortoise, who had heard this boast many times, said, “No one denies your speed, but even you can be beaten!” “By who?” sneered the hare.

“By me,” said the tortoise.

The hare howled with laughter and they set the course.

The hare sprinted away and was immediately out of sight. He ran for a long time and, sure of his advantage, stopped to nibble on some cabbages growing along the path. Stuffed and sleepy, he decided he had time for a nap.

Meanwhile, the tortoise had plodded along without pause and overtaken his opponent. By the time the hare woke up, the contest was over.


Slow and steady wins the race.

11 1/2” diameter

The Tortoise and the Hare