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The Two Goats

High in the mountains lived two goats who were neighbors and rivals. Both were strong and agile, and each of them was convinced that he was quicker and surer on his feet.

One day, the goats spied each another across the deep chasm that divided their valley. The only way to cross it was on the trunk of a fallen tree, but that was a bridge so narrow that two squirrels could barely pass each other in safety.

The goats, however, saw nothing but a chance to prove themselves. As one goat set his foot on the log, the other goat did the same, step by step, until they met in the middle.

“Go back so I may pass,” demanded one.

“You give way,” said the other. Neither would budge, so they locked horns to settle the matter. Alas, the contest had no winner as the two goats plummeted to their deaths at the bottom of the ravine.

Better to concede than to die out of stubbornness.

11 1/2” diameter

The Two Goats

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